Thursday, February 20, 2014

Perfection, For The Imperfect.

We are laying in the bed, spooning.  As he is playing with my breasts his breathing seemed to fall to a sleeping rhythm.  I hate that.  This time it changes to me feeling yukky.  I haven't felt that way in a very long time.  I don't feel like I am in our bed.  I cover my breasts.  He sleepily roams his hands elsewhere.  When he returns to my breasts I hold firm and tell him how I'm feeling.

I don't want you to feel yukky, ever. 
 His hands roam free again.  He is loving.  And, he reminds me where I am and who I belong to.   
It's not very surrendered of you to NOT let me enjoy you how I want to enjoy you.
 He pinches my nipples, rubs, and squeezes my breasts.

I felt yukky but he was bringing me back.
My breasts are for HIM and for HIS pleasure- that is MY pleasure.

If it calms me to rub you and I fall asleep, that's what I want.

Yes Sir.

His hands move up my body and start to push my shoulders and head down.
Your sleeping at my hip tonight.  I want your head below my hip.  

 My heart is filling as I slide down his side and lay my head down next to his hip.

You're sleeping there, cover up with the blanket.  
I cover up as he turns to the side.  I take him in my mouth.  I suck.
This is your pacifier tonight- I want him in your mouth.

 Thank you.
My thank you is twofold.  He has brought me out.  He makes his sub/surrendered wife feel loved and beautiful.  I am thanking him for giving me his cock all night.  Even more, I am thanking him for taking the time and energy to KNOW me.  I need to be owned by him.  I need his heavy hand and direction.  It is my calm.  I didn't know this is what I needed right now but HE knew.


After he finishes in my mouth he invites me back up to cuddle.
You can come back.  I can't sleep with you down there, I want to hold you.



  1. If I may ask, are you asked to sleep at his hip often?

    1. Welcome MH! It's great to see a new face. No, he does not usually ask me to sleep at his hip. Not like he did this time. XOXO

  2. I love sleeping with my pacifier! And you are so very right...that sounds like perfection ;)


    1. P, I do too! It's the request that puts it into 'perfection' mode for me! XOXO

  3. oh how absolutely wonderful - all the things he did, but especially -

    'You can come back. I can't sleep with you down there, I want to hold you.'

    1. MK, it really was wonderful- usually there is no going back for me when I am feeling that off. XOXO

    2. Ok, ms. mc kitten....i found your pillow talk blog. LOVE it! And, I read that you finally gave fisting a try!!!!!!!! AWESOME!! How do I follow it?? Let me know!
      Thanks XOXO

    3. will it not let you? *baffled face*

    4. I couldn't find the "Join this site" button.....

    5. aha, I think it's a widget I have to add! ta for the heads up

  4. It's so great that He is in tune with you, that you are with each other :-) Perfection indeed x

    1. It felt like a breakthrough. He made a very Dom choice at a time I needed. I was terrific! XOXO