Thursday, February 6, 2014

Invitation at his feet. In our vanilla world!

We were at a Superbowl party and I come into the room to join my Man.  I want to sit at his feet but that decision is quickly out.

#1. We are in our normal vanilla life.
#2. There is a table in the way.
#3. The spot to the side is also at an other man's feet- NO way.

The couch spot next to him is open, good enough.  I sit.

My Man mentions what a crummy angle we are sitting at with this side couch we are on.  We get up to move to the individual recliner chairs, there are two of them.  He moves one a bit for himself and I just assume the other one is for me.

That's when he extends his invitation.  THE invitation.  And you can sit here.  He points to the floor in front of the chair.  Will this ever get old?  Will I ever become complacent?  Will I ever not feel like the most cared for wife when he takes control?

He walks over to the closet with blankets/pillows.  This?  He says as he holds up a pillow.  Yes, please.  

The ups and downs of this D/s life we are working on together are still there.  Moments like this, however, truly make me feel loved and cherished....and submissive.  I am so grateful that we put the effort in to try.


  1. oh, how lovely! Cherished - yes. It's a word I often use to myself in regards to my marriage too xx

    1. Feeling cherished is so powerful isn't it?! XOXO

  2. The rewards of D/s are so worth the time and effort it takes, at least in my opinion :) It kinda makes me feel sad for vanillas, they will never know the that deep connection that comes with this lifestyle.

    1. Faerie, I agree. I think of how good we were prior to changing our dynamic and I could never have imagined that we would become even better. Feeling emotional right now... Thanks for your comment. XOXO