Monday, February 3, 2014

Into the get dirty!

Your in the shower and I'm feeling dirty.  I slide the curtain over.  Go in on the other side.  I comply and enter from the front and into the shower stream.  You turned the water cool for me.  Thank you.

You wash my hair and I purr with love.  Your at my back and your soap filled hands reach around to find my breasts.  Hands above my head placed flat on the shower wall- I'm in my 'fucking in the shower' pose.  I am your gift...and YOU are mine.

You are hard as I tilt my ass up and out for you.  You guide him into my opening.  I moan deeply.  My moans turn into pain/pleasure filled restrained screams.  Too big.  Your strong hand reaches around.....and covers my mouth.  Yours.  Power exchange complete- you can fuck my ass seven ways to Sunday if you choose.  That's exactly what you chose.  Your hands move through my hair and grab two fistfuls....and you pull....pounding your cock harder and harder into me.  You make me feel beautiful.

Do you want my cum in you?  

Oh God YES...please cum inside me!  

I beg you for your cum as you force me to cover you, all the way to the base.  You say something about your cum soaking into me through my ass.  

Who needs roses and chocolates when you could have a cum soaked ass?!


  1. OH to have a big shower..... you've made me super envious :)

    1. Our house is so small, I never considered that we have an envious size shower =) This comment made me laugh! Thanks DelFonte!

  2. Mhh, me too, lol. We are having bathroom problems that are intruding on our hot showers. I miss them....:D