Sunday, February 2, 2014

Flogging happy!

If I haven't mentioned many times prior...I have been was in need of a good spanking.  I didn't get a good spanking though, I got an AMAZING paddling, spanking, and (my first) flogging!

I sit down on our new play table and put my wrists up.  One cuff at a time he secures my thick black cuffs onto my wrists.  Lay back.  Arms up.  I do as he asks.  I LOVE play time!  He walks around towards my extended hands and locks them to the post above my head.  I close my eyes. And. Just. Feel.  He uses his hand to spank my pussy over and over.  Then he uses the wooden spank paddle.  He brings me to the edge, I want to cum.  Just like that, he stops and he's not touching me.  Mmmm, I haven't used this yet.  Velvety thick strands rain down on my thighs and pussy.  He is using my pretty homemade pink flogger for the first time on me.  I am distracted by intrigue over this new sensation.  My intrigue turns to thoughts of never wanting this to end.  He is so good to me.


He flogs up and down my body, striking my breasts and nipples over and over.  I jump and moan pulling against my restraints.  Each blow feels like a familiar sweet kiss.  He strikes my breasts and belly on back down to my pussy and thighs.  Mmmm.  He roughly shoves his fingers into my oversensitive pussy while he intermittently flogs my breasts.  I open for him.  I love to be his fuck toy. He is rough, hard, and demanding my cum..  Can I please cum?  My words are barely a panting breath.  Cum.  CUM.  He is full of control and lust for me.  And my pussy is full of him.  I am open, stretched, flogged and cumming.  AhhhhHHH!

Turn over.  Wrists bound and in an post cum haze I do as I am told.  He loves his little whore and he wants more.  So do I!  I am now on my belly.  My arms are extended out and up as my head hangs and my knees open to offer him my holes.  My Man slides the rabbit vibrator into my sensitive and slick cunt.  After taking time to pump in and out of me, I feel rope slide over my back.  He secures the vibrator with the rope by tying up and over my hip.  Force fucked by my vibrator- he treats his pussy so good.  I feel his hand reach between my ass cheeks and spread open.  Oh fuck.....Oh good fuck....  A cold large drop of lube splashes onto my asshole.   Something probes at my tight hole as I feel him advance a toy.  It's long and has moments of feeling a bit large, our rigid beads maybe?  I never want this to end!  Before I can even process what is happening he flogs all over my back, my ass, my thighs and back to my pussy.  Oh hell yes.

He switches to our long handle wooden paddle.  He starts light.  It has been so long, I am thankful.  From the top of my ass to the middle of my thighs, he smacks me over and over, harder and harder.  The pain/pleasure is intense.  I need to work to absorb each swat.  I count in my head....45....46...oh fuck....47...  Please talk to me.  I say this out loud.  I am reaching my limit.  My limit is not my stop limit.  It is when I can no longer take more on my own.  I need to be controlled, owned, and guided.  My limit is when I feel so far removed from my own body that I need to hear his voice, I need to know that he sees my limit and is growing painfully hard as he takes me farther.  Say anything......Please baby......Call me a whore, anything....  I'll do whatever I want to do to you.  I don't have to say a fucking word.  I am whimpering and panting.  I am his..... You're MY fuck toy.  He taps the paddle at the end of the vibrator fucking it solidly into me.  I take flight.  Can... I.. please... cum... SIR?!  I am yelling/moaning/whimpering.  My voice jumps as he pumps toys in and out of my ass and pussy.  CUM!  He doesn't slow down.  I...have....More...!    CUM.    AAAAhhhhHHHH!!!!!THANK  YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

This passion we share is tangible.  I feel the fire in my heart, on my ass, and in the tears in my eyes.  So many elements involved in our display of love.  Hardcore, passionate, love.  I am overcome.  He walks towards my head, pulls up a chair and sits down with his hard cock at my mouth.  This is my comfort, this is my reward.  Mmmm, I think this is my best work.  I slide him into my throat and offer a very muffled Thank you Sir.  My arms still secured and stretched, every sensation plays a piece of this symphony.  Bound.  Surrendered.  Safe.  My mouth is full, my ass is full, my pussy is full.  CUM.  This is a first for me, I can't cum.  My emotions are so wound up.  He flogs me some more and pulls at the rope on my waist connected to the vibrator.  I open my mouth wide and let him fuck me.  I cum.

He directs me to flip over again as he releases one hand from the post.  He moves in above my head.  I tilt my head back and open wide.  He fucks into my mouth like he owns it....and he does.  He pulls away and I feel a warm wetness spray onto my cheek.  I lunge up towards the head of his cock as he spurts cum over my face.  In my mouth, I want his cum in my mouth.  I want his taste on my tongue, I want his mark on me.

He moves to unlock my other wrist.  Please let me stay.  You want to stay tied up?  Please.  He leaves my wrist locked and walks back down to my open legs, grabs the vibrator, and fucks me again with it.  I am the happiest fuck toy on Earth.  He goes about his mundane house activities.  Cum in my mouth, cum soaking my cheek, cum dripping out of my pussy, toys still in place, and my wrist cuffed and extended out....I am his fuck slave.  My life is amazing!


  1. Very hot! I love a good flogging :)

  2. Fuck woman! Master just left for work and I'll be here all day by myself and now I'm fucking horny! Damn you!!! This was hot! I love his words to you. I need him to talk to me too. I need his voice to ground me. And then...the end. Holy fuck! He left, cum in your hair and on your face, tied, flogged...he left!! I think I need to go shower now! Hehe


    1. I always love your comments P!! Just re-reading my post...I want a shower too =) Enjoy YOUR cold shower! XOXO Pearl

  3. ohh WOW!!!!! *fans self* this was yummy! the play table and post sound intriguing...

    1. Mc Kitten...the table is just a sturdy wooden square that I keep mentioning that we don't need and should get rid of. When I went downstairs to play he had the table set up padded with blankets and my towel and told me to "sit". First time using the table for this! After he said "so do you think we should keep the table?" FUCK YES!

      He knows how much I love to have my 'place' so for him to set the table....for me....emotion overload. It was yummy! XOXO

  4. OMG!!!! I think I just fainted!!!! *swoons*

    I WAS going to say (til I read the rest of this hyper HOT post) .. that I love the flogger as well. I made my own as a task for FormerD ... it's with mock suede & it just feels heavenly .. even when wielded with great force.

    As for the rest of this post! SHUT UP!! :P

    I am gonng take a bath in the snow!!! AGAIN!!!!


    1. Well shucks.....Thank you so much GK!!! And I like the mock suede idea....maybe I should start making a collection =) XOXO