Tuesday, February 11, 2014


In regards to my last post and the question I finished with... Where do I go from here??

My Man answered that question that same day (even if he didn't read my post- not sure if he did?).  My shitty attitude has earned me a ban, from his hands.  He also added that it was not very subservient of me when I stopped his blow job before he came just because I wanted to play more.  I couldn't tell if he was saying it because he cared or to just poke fun.

No cumming for you.  
Is my mouth banned too?
I'm not sure yet.

A few days later now....
On the bad side, my vagina feels engorged and sore.  I told him I think I have 'blue balls'.
On the good side, my mouth was NOT banned today!

sooooo hungry


  1. Ooo I hope you are not banned for long. Can you blame the PMS??? That should give you a medical pass in my opinion!!! Hormones shouldn't count!!!! :(

  2. Still banned. He said I just haven't come to bed lately.....

    But, on the up-side, my mouth was of great use today again!!! YAY me!!

    And, my hormones should NOT count. They are bonkers and shitty!!!