Monday, January 13, 2014

Switch....His turn...

Continued from 'My Turn'

I fall to his body, exhausted and in need of a moment to come back into myself.  Then, it's time to take care of this Man who sets my soul on fire.......

My breathing is deep and heavy and laced with satisfied purr-like moans.  How this Man can take such core shaking orgasms from me when I think there are none left is just a mystery to me.  I am in awe of his attention to my needs.  I love what he does to my body.  Surely I am not the only surrendered/submissive wife who is treated like equal parts princess and fuck-slave but he makes me feel like he created that role secretly for me.  I have drifted into bliss, hardly aware that I have some cum to milk out of him.  I rubbed your cum all over my chest.  I could feel.  I loved that, watching it keep coming out.  Mmmmm.....Thank you.  Can I rub your shoulder for you.  Aftercare is for both of us.  I like to massage his arms and shoulders and take care of all the parts of him that take care of all the parts of me.  

He turns over onto his stomach.  I position my tits on top of his back to graze back and forth over him as I massage him with my hands.  I kiss from the base of his neck to the tip of his ass.  Licking....and kissing....  I sink into his neck with a firm bite.  This drives him wild and I know it.  I trail licks and kisses from ear to ear across the back of his neck.  I stop to bite into his ear and whisper, I love you.  It's my turn to love him, fuck him, and make him cum.  I am not feeling very submissive, I want to FUCK him.  His breathing is thick and ragged and I can feel him grinding his hips.   I move my hands all over his ass and down the soft skin trailing to his balls.  I move in with my mouth and lick between his asshole and his balls.  A long time ago when I was diving in for the same licking he called me his Nasty little slut.  I think of that every time I lick him there and it makes my pussy melt.  

I pull away and start to give him little smacks.  These little smacks bring my sex alive, maybe he will feel the same?  I decide to go for more.  Can I play with your ass?  Yes.  It's no time to do a happy dance, but I really wanted to.  Instead I lube up 2 fingers.  I want to milk his prostate.  I want to make him cum so hard he can't see straight.  I have played with his ass before but not in a while.  I slowly slide one finger in....then out.  Slowly entering into him.  Does this feel ok?  Ya. It's an edgy 'ya'.  I think this feels very ok to him.  I add a second finger and start to turn my palm down to allow my fingers to rub down in search of his sweet spot.   I grab the still open lube into my right hand and squeeze.  I take my lubed up hand to reach under him and free his cock.  He lifts his hips to allow me access.  Lift up a little more babe.  He does.  All I can think is...Mmmmm. I. Want. To. Fuck. Him.

I grab his cock in my slick right hand and start pumping up and down as my hand thumps into the couch below.  My left hand is two fingers deep into his tight ass and I start to rub in a palm down 'come here' motion.  He is edging closer, I can hear it in his breathing and I can feel him with my hands.  I am using all of his mind blowing tricks right back at him.  There you go baby, cum for me.  Cum for me baby.  Shoot it in my fucking mouth.  I am rubbing deep into his ass and jerking him off as I lean my head and mouth down to the head of his cock.  Mouth open, tongue out.  Jerking him into my tongue, slapping my tongue with the head of his cock, COME IN MY MOUTH BABY!  He lets out a sexy as hell moan and I feel his asshole tighten around my fingers.  His hot cum spurts out into my mouth, over my cheeks and onto the blanket below.  I lap up his cum, it's all mine.  Oh, babe.  I this how he feels after I surrender myself to him and let him do what it takes to make me let go?  I am so thankful that he trusted me to take him there.  How in the HELL did I find this Man?!


  1. oh my GOD! ok, what can I say, enjoyed this one too...

  2. I enjoyed this one more! I absolutely LOVED playing with FormerD's ass ... he use to get totally lost in it too!

    They may have the power but oh how incredible it is to make they moan!

    This was so hot Pearl!!! sooooo hot!!!!!

    1. Thank you!! It was a great time for us BOTH!! XOXO