Sunday, January 12, 2014

I think I just 'Yadda, yadda, yadda'd' sex!

We called it a night and got into bed.

I am sure my shirt was off, I think all my clothes were off in fact...I vaguely remember nipple grabbing, kissing, hand on cock stroking...I climbed on top of this delicious man and surrounded his cock with my greedy wet cunt.  I placed my hands behind me and onto his inner thighs.  Touching him is just plain YUMMY!  And, I wanted to give him a clear view of my tits as they bounce.  I push to take him down to the base.  The swollen head of his cock rubs me in just the right spot.  He takes one nipple in each hand and pinches down hard as he slams his hips up into me.  What used to be a swollen excited pussy is now clenched down in orgasm and drenching him with my cum.  I don't usually cum on him when we have sex so it always takes me by surprise when I do.  When he is ready, I jump off and take him into my mouth to drink him in and clean us both off of him.  Tired and blissfully satisfied, we drift off to a naked cuddling sleep.....

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