Sunday, January 19, 2014

I. AM. His.

Blowjobs occur most every single time we are alone.  I'm not sure exactly why I/we love it so much but we do!  Creativity is important to me, although I suspect, as long as he's in my mouth he needs no other creativity.  Position, tongue usage, sucking, how to incorporate the balls.  I make a meal of it and there is a buffet of ideas to choose from.

I'm on my side on the couch as he is standing above me.  I paw at him through his pants.  I have no recollection of asking him if I can suck him but I remember him humming, MmmmHmm.  I make my way into his pants and pull out is stiffening cock.  Oh, how this anticipation makes me feel.  I love him standing above me.  In this position he can hold my head, fuck my mouth, and take what he wants.  I start licking him all over as his hand makes its way into my hair.  More anticipation.  The slow way he fingers through my hair to fully grasp it all is breathtaking.  He is so purposeful.  This marks the power exchange between us in this moment.  He has me by the hair and presses me down to the base of him.  My response is a reflex now, automatic.  His grip brings my mouth to open wide, tongue out.  My mouth is his to fuck.  He holds me down as I suppress any need to gag.  He shifts my head and his hips to go deeper.  We are a perfect match, this Man and I.  Our bodies AND our needs.  I need to be his fuck slave, his surrendered wife, his dirty whore.  He needs my my mind, body, and soul to be his.  I. AM. His.  

He pulls me away and I gasp.  He now sets an impossible rhythm.  My body is not cooperating and we are off a beat.  I want you to lean back over the couch.  I comply and prop a pillow behind me leading up to the arm of the couch.  Mmmmmm, creativity.  I lay naked on my back with my neck outstretched and drop my head back.  As always, mouth open, tongue out, ready.  He grabs his cock and slides it deep into my waiting mouth.  His balls are covering my nose, I can't breath.  My hands push slightly against his skin to catch a breath.  He is slowly pumping in and out.  Again, this position is meaningful to me.  It is familiar to my body as a submissive wife and it brings a calm to me.  I drop my hands.  I. AM. His.

He aggressively fucks my mouth.  I gag and gasp turning my head to the side to catch my breath.  A moment later he is back filling my mouth.  I don't know if I can put into words the depth of my passion for this Man and how he makes me feel.  My mouth is his to use, and the harder he uses me the harder I fall.  I can feel my tits bouncing as he pounds into my mouth.  The next time I search for a gasp he grabs my tits and pulls out of my mouth.  My head is between his legs and my mouth is in line just behind his balls.  He slides his cock between my tits and starts to fuck them.  My mouth is still open, tongue out, as I lick from his balls to ass with his thrusting pace.  I am his fuck slave.  Every piece of me is his.  I. AM. His.

He comes back to my mouth when he is ready to cum.  
His cum is my reward.  
I devour it.  I savor it.  I love it.  

How we evolved to this brand of love, commitment, and ownership I may never know.  Truth is, I just don't care.  The actual answer is seeming less important than the fact that we ARE here.  And. no matter how or why we are here, we are invested enough to want to work each day to stay here.  


  1. So lovely. I long to do this (head back over the arm of the sofa, holy moly how I long for it), but there's way too much risk of a tiny half-asleep zombie walking in on us.

    1. I am thankful for school age children =)

  2. Are you a CWS author??? If you are, you should repost this over there. If not, maybe you should consider it...

    Anyway...this is fucking hot!!! I love when he fucks my mouth. Oh yum! Lucky Pearl ;)


    1. CWS member- yes. Author- no. I would love to but haven't had the time to figure out how....any tips?? Thanks!!

    2. Becoming an author is easy especially if you're already a member. Just send an email to Spanky... Here's the link with the instructions