Tuesday, January 14, 2014

For My Man...

After doing some reading of my blog, my Man explained to me that my 'Dominant vs. asshole' post http://happilysurrendered.blogspot.com/2013/12/dominant-vs-asshole.html  got him thinking.  He isn't always comfortable directing me on what to do during our day to day (out of the bedroom) life.  He is concerned that it will make him turn into "the asshole".  He also sometimes feels that he isn't deserving of my surrender/submission.  This is one of the MANY reasons I love this Man.  I explained to him that having those fears are exactly what will prevent him from becoming "the asshole". 

We, like all of you, work to practice the best version of what feels good to us.  We are in this life by choice.  We individually make the choice each day to give each other more love than we expect to get.  I have complete trust and faith in this Man and I am so very proud to call him my Husband, Dominant or not.   I am the luckiest woman on Earth.  He is my everything.  The least I can do is to cherish him every single day and work to not let one moment pass without offering my love and myself in whatever way he needs and wants.  


  1. I agree with this completely. I have told my husband that if I thought he would abuse his power I would never have given it to him in the first place. And although D/s creates a dynamic of his dominance and my submission, it would not be possible without my submission first. So though they may be DOMINANT, they are not in CONTROL. That is the difference in my opinion. The asshole was CONTROLLING his woman (and family) through whatever means he uses (guilt, manipulation, etc.) We are not asking that of our men. We are asking for order, guidance, accountability and intimacy.

  2. My Man and I are always working to improve the D/s aspect of our relationship. One thing that really started us on a better track was the frequent talks about my NEED to submit/surrender to him. When I say I was broken hearted to think that he did not want my surrender/submission, I meant it. To think I would have to silence that part of me actually physically hurt- and NOT in the good way =)

    What has also helped us on our way was when I asked him for 3 tasks that he wanted done each day. It could be anything to make his day better/easier or just something he wanted.