Saturday, January 4, 2014

Choosing the asshole (of a different kind!)

Just a suggestion....grab some coffee or tea...snuggle under your warm blanket and buckle up....this is a bit of a long one!!

I'm exhausted.  After my long schedule days at work, it's worked in that my Man gives me a pass on his general "rules/requests" of me.   My respect/surrender is never off the table, just the actual tasks.  I feel conflicted on this.  The exhausted part of me is so thankful that I don't have to do my chores.  My job can be very stressful with long hours and it feels like a relief to just sit when I come home. The submissive/surrendered wife in me knows that they are not chores to deal with.  Each task is what has been asked of me by my D/husband and exactly what I agreed to when I asked him to take the lead.  Also worth mentioning is that I find it incredibly hot and appealing when he does remind me what I need to finish that day.  Even when I am exhausted.  I am hardwired to serve this Man.  I love it.  Having him tell me he expects me to give more makes my insides flutter.  But, He is in charge.  If he gives me a pass, I get a pass.  I am thankful for the days he tells me to rest AND for the days he puts his bitch to work!

I had a late shift at work and I knew it was a pass day for me.  My day really did suck at work so after a little dinner and a shower I curled up on the couch under my favorite blanket.  I even pulled it over my head.  He rubbed my hand to relax me....and I slept....

A few hours later he wakes me up.  Bedtime babe.  I am a zombie.  I brush my teeth, pee, and crawl into bed.  I chuckle to myself that I ALWAYS want sex.  Right now....s l e e all I think I want.  He comes into the room and shakes out his side of the feather bed top.  My job.  I'm sorry babe.  Even in my exhaustion I genuinely feel bad that I crawled in without getting his bed ready.  I am surrendered/submissive to my Husband.  That doesn't stop when I'm sleepy.  I know better.

He slides in next to me.  I am fully dressed (not my usual).  His arm slides under my sweatshirt and over the skin on my back.  Light rubbing mixed with some deep massaging squeezes.  Mmmmm.  I hum a thankful noise.  In no time this Man crawls his fingers down my side and pulls at my breast.  I know what he wants.  My nipple.  Mmmmm.  I turn to my side a little to free my nipple.  As I start to wake up a bit more I notice that I am grinding my hips into the bed.  How long have I been doing that!?  He toys with my nipple more gentle than usual.  Before I know it he is uninterested in my nipple and moves back to my back.  I shift on my front again.  He starts with rubbing that turns into kissing.  Mmmmm.

This Man is setting me up for some sweet lovemaking, I know it.  And... I was wrong.  Right as this thought enters my cozy mind, he bites my back. God....  My breathing starts to quicken.  I am already seeing stars.  His hand moves under the backside of my pants.  He rubs and grabs my ass cheeks.  I lift my ass to him.  I love to offer him all that I have.  Right now, I have a wet pussy and puckering asshole up for the taking.  He chooses the asshole.  Oh sweet holy fuck.  It has been a long time since he has played there.  He brings his fingers and thumb together at the tips and moves towards my out of practice hole.  And then he does it.  The single most sexy piece of anal foreplay I love.  When he is right there he opens his hand/fingers and spreads my asshole and ass cheeks.  I am all sensation.  He bites my back some more.  I feel like his bitch.  And I fucking LOVE it.

He grabs the edge of my pants and roughly pulls them past my ass and down my thighs.  His hands start to rub circles in my right ass cheek.  I know this rubbing.  I know what comes next.  He even mentioned recently how overdue I am for a spanking.  My insides are jumping so much it actually tickles.  I am so excited.  My breathing is so fast and my body is so worked up.  I am worried that my surge of pure fuck hormones will dampen the pain.  He circles and circles my right ass cheek as I calm my breathing and fully relax.  No words are spoken, but he knows.  Even if he doesn't know he knows.  We are both able to feel each other's needs in this moment and his rubbing gives me time to calm down.

I. Am. Ready.

SMACK!  I am flying at this point.  My breathing is slow and my body is limp.  My body gives no resistance or flinch.  The only response I am aware of is a single word floating in my head.....Yours.....  He moves his hand to the left ass cheek and starts the same circles.  I know it was only one or two hits on each cheek but it felt heavenly.  The next time we are home alone and can really play, I hope he plays catch up with my overdue spankings.

I am flat on my stomach in our bed.  I arch at the base of my back to tilt my ass slightly into the air and offer him my asshole.  We love this position for anal.  It is rough, dominating, and his weight on me feels possessive and forceful.  He is on his knees in the bed over me and he grabs my ass cheeks, one in each hand and pulls them apart to expose me.  I try so hard to keep my body limp as he quietly spit his saliva on this waiting fuckhole to ready it for him.  I can hear him spit into his hand and I feel his arm moving as he rubs up and down his cock, getting himself ready too.  He lays over the top of me and places the head of his cock at my tiny entrance.  His hands are on the bed on either side of my head and he lowers down to his elbows.  I am his caged bitch.  No where to go.  No where to hide.  This is his asshole and he can damn well fuck it hard if he chooses.  It's been a while so I have no idea how easy this will go in.  I love being his fuck toy.

He starts to push into me and it feels too big.  Too big.  AAhhhhhhhh!  Ahhhhhhh!  The pitch of my panting moans gets higher as they taper off.  I'm too tight.  My breathing starts to pick up.  I catch myself resisting and I surrender to him in my mind.  My body needs to just follow.  This is so fucking hot.  I am a bitch in heat and he can sense it.  He pumps my fuckhole shallow, never pulling out the head, just slowly advancing in more.  I can feel the burning and the stretching.  If he touches my pussy at any point from here on out I will cum all over.  I alternate between moaning my pain and my pleasure.  Feel good? He is breathing heavy and sexy in my ear.  MmmHmm.  I say it as meek as the sex slave I am.  He doesn't want to injure me, but this Man wants to fuck me hard.  And I just gave him a green light.  He starts to pump in further.  My moans are too loud.  Be quiet.  I hear him and I my body responds to this sexy as hell Man in ways I can't control.  I continue to moan.  I feel his hand move away from the bed.  And, over my mouth.  I exit my body and watch from above at this point.  This man loves me, worships me, and dominates me, in every way he wants.

And. I. LOVE. It!

He covers my mouth and pumps hard into my ass.  I keep my ass arched up into him.  This is his asshole.  I am his fuck slave.  My life is better than a fairy tale.  It's REAL!  This huge cock stuffed into my ass reminds me how real.  My fuckhole is stretched to the base of his cock.  My closed legs prevent his balls from hitting my pussy.  My pussy is so on edge.  He pushes past deep and cums into me.  Ownership.

After a short time he turns to his side and pulls out of me.  He asks me if I need to get up and clean off.  I tell him how much I love letting him soak into me.  I don't move for a while.  He holds onto me.  After this particularly rough fucking I am in a fog.

This IS love.  Mouth covering, ass fucking, back biting, cum soaking....... L O V E.


  1. OMG Pearl .. you are such an amazing writer.

    And this was so HAWT!!

    And you two are so lucky to have each other

    And I am going to throw myself into the snowbank now!

    1. GK, Thank you for that compliment! And, if you have half as much snow as we do, you should cool down right quick!! XO-Pearl

  2. Omg! You make me want my ass fucked!

    1. I hope your wish comes true!! And, thanks =)

  3. I love the last line - very very romantic ava x

    1. AG, THANK you so much for that. It was so romantic and loving in OUR own way. It feels freeing to share our adventures with others who feel like we do!

  4. I get it. It is love. It's not traditional, movie kind of romance, but it is love deeper than I've ever felt.

    'Be quiet'... Holy fuck that's hot!


    1. P, You are so right. We've had love for many years, but nothing compared to this. Thank you so much for your comment. And, as for the "Be quiet"....oh it was SO fucking hot!! He is starting to get more vocal and demanding and I am just loving every minute of it! XOXO

  5. Oh my goodness. Lucky girl is lucky.

    Nothing quite as spectacular as the bond of belonging.

  6. Conina, I am so lucky. I feel it every day of my life! XOXO