Monday, January 27, 2014

Oh, the joys of fisting!


Now with that little disclaimer out of the way, we are in for a bit of fun!  There has been some interest in my thoughts on vaginal fisting and I promised a post.  This post is based only on MY thoughts and experiences.  Two other quick notices: #1. This is for vaginal fisting, I know nothing about anal fisting.  #2. I say he/him for the one doing the fisting.  This is only because of my personal frame of reference.  If a female is fisting you- fantastic!  Enjoy!

For Him: Nail care is important, nails are dirty and scratches hurt.  On the D/s front, it is very sexy to care for his nails before we play.  I (sub) am lovingly and carefully preparing the hand/s that will be making me orgasm in painful/pleasure.  I find it amazingly HOT!

For me: I like to shower usually.  Not only is a clean undercarriage nice...the warm water is relaxing.  I go to the bathroom too.  The pressure/pain/stretching and orgasms are INTENSE for me with fisting.  I often get to a point were I could not stop cumming if I tried.  Gspot orgasms make my vagina clamp down and I can't fully give him control if I'm thinking I might pee or poop.  It puts a damper on the mood for me.
*On a side note...this is where having full trust in my Husband makes all the difference*
If a bedroom mishap does occur during any play time, we are in this together and he loves me the same. Sometimes with great fucking comes with unexpected body responses.  If they aren't sexy to you, then you really need to be in a safe relationship.  I imagine this could make a woman never squirt cum again if her partner is as mortified as she is.

We learned very quickly that generous amounts of lube are the only way this was going to happen.  Again, sexy time.  Him lubing me, SEXY!  I like the prolonged sexual preparation, it puts me in the right frame of mind.  Gives my body time to surrender and relax, it allows my mind time to surrender and relax.  BOTH body and mind need to be relaxed.  Yes, we have had occasion where he attacks me (and my vagina!) but if you're just starting out with this- a vagina attack is not the way to go!!  Me lubing him/myself, also very sexy.  Just like prep'ing his hands...The act of prep'ing myself for him to take me further is amazingly sexy to me.  It is so intimate and centering.  I am put into submission and he is waiting to dominate me.  As I imagine the feeling of the preparation time right now, it feels like 'subspace'.  I feel like I am high, and everything is in a delicious slow motion.

My preference is to be on my back, legs spread.  I think he would say that his preference is me bent over in doggy style.  TomAto-tomato.  I think I feel more control on my back (and he likes it the other way, hmmm..interesting!).  He doesn't go all in with an actual fist, no vagina punching allowed here.  Just like in all the web "how-to's" his hand is in a duck bill point at the fingers to really curl in the base of his thumb to the base of his pinkey.  He starts with 1-2 fingers and puts more in from there.  When he pulls down a bit towards my ass I stretch easier than if he were to fight with my pubic bone above.  Again, he takes his time, measures my reaction and adds more when he sees I can handle it.  I have noticed that we have a bit of a dance worked out, he pushes in and holds.  I stay still as it stretches.  When I feel centered/relaxed/surrendered I push back to him, letting him know I can take more.  Communication is key.  Once he is fully in he starts to move.  Oh, I love each and every twinge!

Long before we were 'good' at this- we kept trying.  We took it slow.  I always loved the pressure, the stretching, the fullness. And, even before I knew I was his submissive, I loved that I was at his mercy.  Come to think of it, my very first true act of surrender/submission involved fisting.  I would beg him to stop, it felt like 'too much'.  Those are the only words I had to describe the sensation I was feeling, 'too much'.  As we talked about me telling him to stop, he basically brought it down to the fact that saying it was 'too much' was not a good enough reason for him to stop and that maybe him proceeding through could feel amazing.  He could not have been more right, and I could not have been prepared for how this changed us.  I let go of my control and gave myself to this Man.  I didn't know it at the time but I was becoming the submissive wife I am today.  I gave him my trust.  I gave him my body.  I gave him the reigns to lead me and take me somewhere I never knew existed.

My first true act of submission.  I remember the point it became 'too much' and I told him so.  Too much!  Too much...Too much....  I said it over and over as he continued to pump in and out of me.  He didn't let up, he didn't waiver.  I struggled in my mind, I didn't feel in danger, not true pain, just 'too much'.  I didn't know what was going to happen but, in that moment, I decided to let him take over.  At some point after the 'too much' feeling came on and I made no efforts to stop him, I felt a rush of warm fluid come out of me and down my legs.  I was so embarrassed and I hoped he didn't notice (silly, I know).  I didn't really know what happened.  Did I pee?  Did I cum?  Can girls really cum?  I just didn't know.  There was no smell, it felt wet but creamy, and it changed my 'too much' feeling.  Again, at the time, I was embarrassed.  I thought I had cum but I had no idea the correlation between the physical stimulation, the emotional choice to surrender, and the sopping wet puddle between my legs.  How is it possible that I had a Gspot?  I had trouble achieving clit orgasms, how in the hell did I do this?!  I'm embarrassed to say that it took me a few more Gspot/squirting orgasms to figure out that this was a good thing.  It is a VERY good thing!

Many years later I can tell you a few things:
1. This is a kink that we love and share.  THANKFULLY!
2. Each time is similar to the first time in that we have to prep and take our time, we make the effort to enjoy our kink safely.
3. I have not become all floppity at all!  That just HAD to be said.  There are times when he feels too big for PinV sex and there are times when he fingers me with only 2 fingers and it's a tight fit.  For me, I am back to my old self each time.
4.  Witch Hazel has been amazing!!  This is a recent discovery for me.  I put some on a cotton ball and wipe my outer parts each time I go to the bathroom.  It helps with the general sting and discomfort I have after a night of fun in no time at all, LOVE it!
5.  This is what WE do.  This is NOT medical advice.  This is NOT safety advice.  This is my blog- about my surrender- to my Husband- intended for me to talk freely about what we enjoy and to discuss those activities with others who have our same interests.  Nothing more.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Sneak Peak Inside...

My task/assignment from my Man for my journal... 

'You tasked me to keep tally of how much I cum each day.  You are the most amazing and giving D/Husband and you want our goal to be 366 times (more than 1x day) this year.  THANK YOU!!  I asked if you want this posted but you said no, it was to keep tally for us.  I would like to post the task if you are ok with that.  I feel that you giving me an assignment or a task is important to where we are as a D/Husband and s/wife. THANK YOU again.'

He said I could share =)  And, just an update on our progress, we are more than 15% completed.  I wish we had the time (and energy) to get some sexy time in each day.  Truth is, on the days we do have the time and energy, we knock out a LOT of those 366!!  

How fast can we get there?!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I. AM. His.

Blowjobs occur most every single time we are alone.  I'm not sure exactly why I/we love it so much but we do!  Creativity is important to me, although I suspect, as long as he's in my mouth he needs no other creativity.  Position, tongue usage, sucking, how to incorporate the balls.  I make a meal of it and there is a buffet of ideas to choose from.

I'm on my side on the couch as he is standing above me.  I paw at him through his pants.  I have no recollection of asking him if I can suck him but I remember him humming, MmmmHmm.  I make my way into his pants and pull out is stiffening cock.  Oh, how this anticipation makes me feel.  I love him standing above me.  In this position he can hold my head, fuck my mouth, and take what he wants.  I start licking him all over as his hand makes its way into my hair.  More anticipation.  The slow way he fingers through my hair to fully grasp it all is breathtaking.  He is so purposeful.  This marks the power exchange between us in this moment.  He has me by the hair and presses me down to the base of him.  My response is a reflex now, automatic.  His grip brings my mouth to open wide, tongue out.  My mouth is his to fuck.  He holds me down as I suppress any need to gag.  He shifts my head and his hips to go deeper.  We are a perfect match, this Man and I.  Our bodies AND our needs.  I need to be his fuck slave, his surrendered wife, his dirty whore.  He needs my my mind, body, and soul to be his.  I. AM. His.  

He pulls me away and I gasp.  He now sets an impossible rhythm.  My body is not cooperating and we are off a beat.  I want you to lean back over the couch.  I comply and prop a pillow behind me leading up to the arm of the couch.  Mmmmmm, creativity.  I lay naked on my back with my neck outstretched and drop my head back.  As always, mouth open, tongue out, ready.  He grabs his cock and slides it deep into my waiting mouth.  His balls are covering my nose, I can't breath.  My hands push slightly against his skin to catch a breath.  He is slowly pumping in and out.  Again, this position is meaningful to me.  It is familiar to my body as a submissive wife and it brings a calm to me.  I drop my hands.  I. AM. His.

He aggressively fucks my mouth.  I gag and gasp turning my head to the side to catch my breath.  A moment later he is back filling my mouth.  I don't know if I can put into words the depth of my passion for this Man and how he makes me feel.  My mouth is his to use, and the harder he uses me the harder I fall.  I can feel my tits bouncing as he pounds into my mouth.  The next time I search for a gasp he grabs my tits and pulls out of my mouth.  My head is between his legs and my mouth is in line just behind his balls.  He slides his cock between my tits and starts to fuck them.  My mouth is still open, tongue out, as I lick from his balls to ass with his thrusting pace.  I am his fuck slave.  Every piece of me is his.  I. AM. His.

He comes back to my mouth when he is ready to cum.  
His cum is my reward.  
I devour it.  I savor it.  I love it.  

How we evolved to this brand of love, commitment, and ownership I may never know.  Truth is, I just don't care.  The actual answer is seeming less important than the fact that we ARE here.  And. no matter how or why we are here, we are invested enough to want to work each day to stay here.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

For My Man...

After doing some reading of my blog, my Man explained to me that my 'Dominant vs. asshole' post  got him thinking.  He isn't always comfortable directing me on what to do during our day to day (out of the bedroom) life.  He is concerned that it will make him turn into "the asshole".  He also sometimes feels that he isn't deserving of my surrender/submission.  This is one of the MANY reasons I love this Man.  I explained to him that having those fears are exactly what will prevent him from becoming "the asshole". 

We, like all of you, work to practice the best version of what feels good to us.  We are in this life by choice.  We individually make the choice each day to give each other more love than we expect to get.  I have complete trust and faith in this Man and I am so very proud to call him my Husband, Dominant or not.   I am the luckiest woman on Earth.  He is my everything.  The least I can do is to cherish him every single day and work to not let one moment pass without offering my love and myself in whatever way he needs and wants.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Switch....His turn...

Continued from 'My Turn'

I fall to his body, exhausted and in need of a moment to come back into myself.  Then, it's time to take care of this Man who sets my soul on fire.......

My breathing is deep and heavy and laced with satisfied purr-like moans.  How this Man can take such core shaking orgasms from me when I think there are none left is just a mystery to me.  I am in awe of his attention to my needs.  I love what he does to my body.  Surely I am not the only surrendered/submissive wife who is treated like equal parts princess and fuck-slave but he makes me feel like he created that role secretly for me.  I have drifted into bliss, hardly aware that I have some cum to milk out of him.  I rubbed your cum all over my chest.  I could feel.  I loved that, watching it keep coming out.  Mmmmm.....Thank you.  Can I rub your shoulder for you.  Aftercare is for both of us.  I like to massage his arms and shoulders and take care of all the parts of him that take care of all the parts of me.  

He turns over onto his stomach.  I position my tits on top of his back to graze back and forth over him as I massage him with my hands.  I kiss from the base of his neck to the tip of his ass.  Licking....and kissing....  I sink into his neck with a firm bite.  This drives him wild and I know it.  I trail licks and kisses from ear to ear across the back of his neck.  I stop to bite into his ear and whisper, I love you.  It's my turn to love him, fuck him, and make him cum.  I am not feeling very submissive, I want to FUCK him.  His breathing is thick and ragged and I can feel him grinding his hips.   I move my hands all over his ass and down the soft skin trailing to his balls.  I move in with my mouth and lick between his asshole and his balls.  A long time ago when I was diving in for the same licking he called me his Nasty little slut.  I think of that every time I lick him there and it makes my pussy melt.  

I pull away and start to give him little smacks.  These little smacks bring my sex alive, maybe he will feel the same?  I decide to go for more.  Can I play with your ass?  Yes.  It's no time to do a happy dance, but I really wanted to.  Instead I lube up 2 fingers.  I want to milk his prostate.  I want to make him cum so hard he can't see straight.  I have played with his ass before but not in a while.  I slowly slide one finger in....then out.  Slowly entering into him.  Does this feel ok?  Ya. It's an edgy 'ya'.  I think this feels very ok to him.  I add a second finger and start to turn my palm down to allow my fingers to rub down in search of his sweet spot.   I grab the still open lube into my right hand and squeeze.  I take my lubed up hand to reach under him and free his cock.  He lifts his hips to allow me access.  Lift up a little more babe.  He does.  All I can think is...Mmmmm. I. Want. To. Fuck. Him.

I grab his cock in my slick right hand and start pumping up and down as my hand thumps into the couch below.  My left hand is two fingers deep into his tight ass and I start to rub in a palm down 'come here' motion.  He is edging closer, I can hear it in his breathing and I can feel him with my hands.  I am using all of his mind blowing tricks right back at him.  There you go baby, cum for me.  Cum for me baby.  Shoot it in my fucking mouth.  I am rubbing deep into his ass and jerking him off as I lean my head and mouth down to the head of his cock.  Mouth open, tongue out.  Jerking him into my tongue, slapping my tongue with the head of his cock, COME IN MY MOUTH BABY!  He lets out a sexy as hell moan and I feel his asshole tighten around my fingers.  His hot cum spurts out into my mouth, over my cheeks and onto the blanket below.  I lap up his cum, it's all mine.  Oh, babe.  I this how he feels after I surrender myself to him and let him do what it takes to make me let go?  I am so thankful that he trusted me to take him there.  How in the HELL did I find this Man?!

My turn.....

Finally, a day off.....alone.  He laid on his back on the couch and I am ready to lick him all over.  I rub and kiss him all over his chest moving down to his thick stiff cock.  In contrast, his balls are so soft.  His soft sack is one of my favorite things to lick.  I find it romantic and erotic to slowly suck his balls into my mouth knowing that what's it inside will soon be running onto my tongue and down my throat.  Mmmmmm.  I take his cock into my mouth.  I stick my tongue out and lick the base of his cock as I take him all the way into my throat.  I'm kneeling to his right side....just the right angle to Take.  Him.  In.

Come up here.  He pulls me onto him into a 69 of sorts although his mouth is not on me.  I want to make you cum.  With his right hand gripping over the top of my right thigh, his left hand starts its way into my lush finger at a time.  One finger....two fingers....three fingers....  Get your lube, I want you to fuck my hand.  I walk naked to fetch the lube and my towel.  Oh, how I love to play with this Man.  

I rub lube all over his hand.  My heart is pounding as I prepare for this pain and stretching I love so much.  Can I lay on my back?  I cum easier when I'm on my back.  NO.  I'm nervous.  My pussy is still stingy and sore from our playtime the other day.  Your going to do this.  Yes sir.   I crawl over him on my hands and knees and straddle his chest.  We are back in the 69'ish position.  My pussy is on display for him.  I crave this.  I place my mouth around his glistening cock, still wet from my deep throating just minutes prior.  Fuck my hand.  I push back slowly, too slowly for him.  As he starts on me again I can feel him try to go straight in with no more slow work up.  My pussy is on fire, sore on the inside and ON FIRE on the outside.  Much more sore than I expected.  Too much.  Too much!  I lunge forward to slow his advance.  Too much is no safe word, we both know this.  His left hand follows me forward, fucking into me, as his right hand roughly pulls me back towards him.  

It is on the verge of too much pain for me.  Not injury pain.  No.  This is the same pain and stretching feeling I begged for the day prior.  The same pain that had me cumming more than 20 times and begging for him to stop (I have to count my orgasms, but, that is for a different post).  The same exquisite fist fucking pain that had me crying, breathless, and floating as he continued forcing the orgasms out of me.  The difference this time is that after the playtime with 20+ cumming Gspot orgasms, my lady parts are swollen, sensitive and SORE already.

He slows down a bit as I attempt to calm down and stop resisting him.  I start licking his cock.  His cock is my old friend.  My safe, comfortable, familiar, old friend.  I whimper into his cock as I surround him with my mouth.  I am not ready but I am ready for him to take over.  I settle towards him and arch my back slightly to re-offer him my pussy.  I continue to whimper around his cock but I do not move away.  I am solid in my offer.  I relax as much as I can and allow the pain to disburse through my whole body as he pushes through the rest.  He sends my mind to float away. 

I start to pump back and forth, begging for more.  I cannot trust myself with his cock in my mouth.  I am out of my mind, an absolute whore waiting for release.  My moans turn to screams as my orgasm builds then spills over.  Oh, Babe.  His hand slides in and out with a renewed ease.  I cum all over his hand.  I feel his hand leave me.  Empty.  He rubs his hand all over his chest and my thighs.  Oh fuck, that's my cum on his chest.  I love that.  I collapse on him in attempts to recover.  Babe, that was so much cum.  I was just milking out more and more.  Mmmmm is my only response.  I fall to his body, exhausted and in need of a moment to come back into myself.  Then, it's time to take care of this Man who sets my soul on fire.......

What can I say, I love the long posts.  "His turn...." post is soon to follow.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I think I just 'Yadda, yadda, yadda'd' sex!

We called it a night and got into bed.

I am sure my shirt was off, I think all my clothes were off in fact...I vaguely remember nipple grabbing, kissing, hand on cock stroking...I climbed on top of this delicious man and surrounded his cock with my greedy wet cunt.  I placed my hands behind me and onto his inner thighs.  Touching him is just plain YUMMY!  And, I wanted to give him a clear view of my tits as they bounce.  I push to take him down to the base.  The swollen head of his cock rubs me in just the right spot.  He takes one nipple in each hand and pinches down hard as he slams his hips up into me.  What used to be a swollen excited pussy is now clenched down in orgasm and drenching him with my cum.  I don't usually cum on him when we have sex so it always takes me by surprise when I do.  When he is ready, I jump off and take him into my mouth to drink him in and clean us both off of him.  Tired and blissfully satisfied, we drift off to a naked cuddling sleep.....

Friday, January 10, 2014

Why do you write about sex?

nipple flicking.  pinching.  punishment vs pleasure.  hands and knees pussy licking.  up side down edge of bed blow job.  squirting cum.  second go around.  hour long body rub.  on my knees.  crying.  perfect.  love....

**In a big pile of sexually charged words from one evening of fun, it is the last few words that are the reason I write about it.**

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Out of the Bedroom Honesty

Through all the years we have been together honesty is the one thing that has never needed improvement or evolution for us.  We have always had it.  Not admitting to selfishness in the past was not really about dishonesty at all, I couldn't even really see my selfishness back then.  I SEE, and admit to, my selfishness now more than I ever have.  I think before my surrender/submission it was more the pride (and the selfish need to be right/justified) that made me ignore my selfishness.  Now, my selfishness is more personally disappointing.  My selfishness is a direct reflection of my respect I show to my Husband and our family.  It is something I work very hard to avoid.  And, to be honest, I am not always good at it.  

The other night, we both made mistakes.  Mine was related to not learning from a prior mistake and not paying attention.  It cost us time, some money, and plenty of irritation/frustration.  His mistake was in his reaction.  His mistake caused me some very hurt feelings.  Where in the past I would say a playful "fuck-off" to him, I listened to his words and I felt trampled on.  Towards the end of the evening we discussed what had happened.  The discussion came to a standoff.  We stared at each other from opposite ends of the couch.  I didn't want to be right, I just wanted to be heard.  Everything in me was saying to go to him, on my knees.  I envisioned myself kneeling for him, head down.  Surrendered.  

In that moment, I returned to my old way of thinking and decided that he may not want me at his feet.  Quickly following that thought was that if he did want me at his feet he would have told me or asked me to go there.  In that moment, I was selfish.  I wanted him to want my surrender/submission enough to ask for it.  To be honest....I was feeling hurt and wanted to be stubborn/selfish.  I knew what to do.  I felt it in my heart and I saw it in my head.  That was the time to do it, I saw it in his face too.  I decided to stay where I was.  It was a very selfish and poor choice on my part.

After much more discussion and staring each other down I did come to him, on my knees, but it felt a bit late for that.  I guess I am glad that I eventually did, but, it still feels less genuine than offering it when I first KNEW I should have.  I told him I wanted to come to him earlier and didn't.  He said he wanted that too. I asked if that is what he was saying with his silent look.  He said, Yes.  I explained to him that I need him to teach me first what he wants and expects of me.  I am working on what I think I should do but I need him to help keep me on track to serving him best.  I need help to override my own stubbornness.  More Dominance leads to more successful submission for me.  Right now I need his words, direct and clear.  I need to know that he expects me on my knees.  When I told him that I still sometimes question if he wants me at his feet he lifted his eyebrows as if to say, Seriously? (Flutters in my belly).  I think one day we will get to a point that he looks at me and I know what I need to do.

Right now, it can feel like a lonely decision to submit out of the bedroom.  Does he notice when I submit?  Sometimes I don't know.  In the bedroom, there is instant feedback, and I love it!  We don't miss a beat.  Out of the bedroom, I need to hear that I am a great surrendered/submissive wife, it's that important to me.  It helps me know when I am on the right track and a good girl.  It helps me to know that he wants it enough to have noticed when I make the choice to serve.   I also need to hear when I am not at my best.

I replace “I love...” with “I serve..." when I think about this Man.  When I was younger "to serve" was always in reference to religion.  My submission/surrender and service to him is not church or religion based at all.  Church/religion adds a guilt component I do not identify with in my feelings for him.  I give myself to him because I am his alone and NOT because as a woman I should serve men in general.  I serve and love him, NO ONE else.  My intent in life is to serve him.  Not every day will be easy (I keep reminding us both) but I intend to get better as time goes on.  I need for him to hold me accountable, each day.  I want to be MORE and I need his support, each day.  It’s scary to ask to be held accountable.  The path of least resistance is to just stay how we were- good enough.  So again, not every day will be easy, but it will be worth it!  I want this for us.  I know he will not withhold his love to punish me.  He is reasonable and loving and I trust his decisions.  Whatever form holding me accountable is to him, I accept and welcome it.  Even on my crabby days, I remind him not to give up on me.  I have more to give to him/us, and I don’t want either of us to forget that.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Choosing the asshole (of a different kind!)

Just a suggestion....grab some coffee or tea...snuggle under your warm blanket and buckle up....this is a bit of a long one!!

I'm exhausted.  After my long schedule days at work, it's worked in that my Man gives me a pass on his general "rules/requests" of me.   My respect/surrender is never off the table, just the actual tasks.  I feel conflicted on this.  The exhausted part of me is so thankful that I don't have to do my chores.  My job can be very stressful with long hours and it feels like a relief to just sit when I come home. The submissive/surrendered wife in me knows that they are not chores to deal with.  Each task is what has been asked of me by my D/husband and exactly what I agreed to when I asked him to take the lead.  Also worth mentioning is that I find it incredibly hot and appealing when he does remind me what I need to finish that day.  Even when I am exhausted.  I am hardwired to serve this Man.  I love it.  Having him tell me he expects me to give more makes my insides flutter.  But, He is in charge.  If he gives me a pass, I get a pass.  I am thankful for the days he tells me to rest AND for the days he puts his bitch to work!

I had a late shift at work and I knew it was a pass day for me.  My day really did suck at work so after a little dinner and a shower I curled up on the couch under my favorite blanket.  I even pulled it over my head.  He rubbed my hand to relax me....and I slept....

A few hours later he wakes me up.  Bedtime babe.  I am a zombie.  I brush my teeth, pee, and crawl into bed.  I chuckle to myself that I ALWAYS want sex.  Right now....s l e e all I think I want.  He comes into the room and shakes out his side of the feather bed top.  My job.  I'm sorry babe.  Even in my exhaustion I genuinely feel bad that I crawled in without getting his bed ready.  I am surrendered/submissive to my Husband.  That doesn't stop when I'm sleepy.  I know better.

He slides in next to me.  I am fully dressed (not my usual).  His arm slides under my sweatshirt and over the skin on my back.  Light rubbing mixed with some deep massaging squeezes.  Mmmmm.  I hum a thankful noise.  In no time this Man crawls his fingers down my side and pulls at my breast.  I know what he wants.  My nipple.  Mmmmm.  I turn to my side a little to free my nipple.  As I start to wake up a bit more I notice that I am grinding my hips into the bed.  How long have I been doing that!?  He toys with my nipple more gentle than usual.  Before I know it he is uninterested in my nipple and moves back to my back.  I shift on my front again.  He starts with rubbing that turns into kissing.  Mmmmm.

This Man is setting me up for some sweet lovemaking, I know it.  And... I was wrong.  Right as this thought enters my cozy mind, he bites my back. God....  My breathing starts to quicken.  I am already seeing stars.  His hand moves under the backside of my pants.  He rubs and grabs my ass cheeks.  I lift my ass to him.  I love to offer him all that I have.  Right now, I have a wet pussy and puckering asshole up for the taking.  He chooses the asshole.  Oh sweet holy fuck.  It has been a long time since he has played there.  He brings his fingers and thumb together at the tips and moves towards my out of practice hole.  And then he does it.  The single most sexy piece of anal foreplay I love.  When he is right there he opens his hand/fingers and spreads my asshole and ass cheeks.  I am all sensation.  He bites my back some more.  I feel like his bitch.  And I fucking LOVE it.

He grabs the edge of my pants and roughly pulls them past my ass and down my thighs.  His hands start to rub circles in my right ass cheek.  I know this rubbing.  I know what comes next.  He even mentioned recently how overdue I am for a spanking.  My insides are jumping so much it actually tickles.  I am so excited.  My breathing is so fast and my body is so worked up.  I am worried that my surge of pure fuck hormones will dampen the pain.  He circles and circles my right ass cheek as I calm my breathing and fully relax.  No words are spoken, but he knows.  Even if he doesn't know he knows.  We are both able to feel each other's needs in this moment and his rubbing gives me time to calm down.

I. Am. Ready.

SMACK!  I am flying at this point.  My breathing is slow and my body is limp.  My body gives no resistance or flinch.  The only response I am aware of is a single word floating in my head.....Yours.....  He moves his hand to the left ass cheek and starts the same circles.  I know it was only one or two hits on each cheek but it felt heavenly.  The next time we are home alone and can really play, I hope he plays catch up with my overdue spankings.

I am flat on my stomach in our bed.  I arch at the base of my back to tilt my ass slightly into the air and offer him my asshole.  We love this position for anal.  It is rough, dominating, and his weight on me feels possessive and forceful.  He is on his knees in the bed over me and he grabs my ass cheeks, one in each hand and pulls them apart to expose me.  I try so hard to keep my body limp as he quietly spit his saliva on this waiting fuckhole to ready it for him.  I can hear him spit into his hand and I feel his arm moving as he rubs up and down his cock, getting himself ready too.  He lays over the top of me and places the head of his cock at my tiny entrance.  His hands are on the bed on either side of my head and he lowers down to his elbows.  I am his caged bitch.  No where to go.  No where to hide.  This is his asshole and he can damn well fuck it hard if he chooses.  It's been a while so I have no idea how easy this will go in.  I love being his fuck toy.

He starts to push into me and it feels too big.  Too big.  AAhhhhhhhh!  Ahhhhhhh!  The pitch of my panting moans gets higher as they taper off.  I'm too tight.  My breathing starts to pick up.  I catch myself resisting and I surrender to him in my mind.  My body needs to just follow.  This is so fucking hot.  I am a bitch in heat and he can sense it.  He pumps my fuckhole shallow, never pulling out the head, just slowly advancing in more.  I can feel the burning and the stretching.  If he touches my pussy at any point from here on out I will cum all over.  I alternate between moaning my pain and my pleasure.  Feel good? He is breathing heavy and sexy in my ear.  MmmHmm.  I say it as meek as the sex slave I am.  He doesn't want to injure me, but this Man wants to fuck me hard.  And I just gave him a green light.  He starts to pump in further.  My moans are too loud.  Be quiet.  I hear him and I my body responds to this sexy as hell Man in ways I can't control.  I continue to moan.  I feel his hand move away from the bed.  And, over my mouth.  I exit my body and watch from above at this point.  This man loves me, worships me, and dominates me, in every way he wants.

And. I. LOVE. It!

He covers my mouth and pumps hard into my ass.  I keep my ass arched up into him.  This is his asshole.  I am his fuck slave.  My life is better than a fairy tale.  It's REAL!  This huge cock stuffed into my ass reminds me how real.  My fuckhole is stretched to the base of his cock.  My closed legs prevent his balls from hitting my pussy.  My pussy is so on edge.  He pushes past deep and cums into me.  Ownership.

After a short time he turns to his side and pulls out of me.  He asks me if I need to get up and clean off.  I tell him how much I love letting him soak into me.  I don't move for a while.  He holds onto me.  After this particularly rough fucking I am in a fog.

This IS love.  Mouth covering, ass fucking, back biting, cum soaking....... L O V E.