Sunday, December 8, 2013

One hell of an ass beating

My favorite spanking my man ever gifted me with was not too long ago.  How it began and the fucking that followed are a complete blur at this point, but the spanking is crystal clear.

He told me to lay face down on the couch.  I closed my eyes and tuned into the sound of what he was doing. I love to listen to him rummage through our toy box.  Let me clarify, I FUCKING love to listen to him rummage through our toy box.  The lock on the box being unlocked, the metal clips clinking together, the velcro leg straps, the zipper on the vibrator/dildo bag, the change in his breathing as he prepares to play with me.  I am so turned on by those sounds.  Some of our wildest fucking has been the direct result of a song playing that unexpectedly drove us crazy with lust.  "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin is a great blowjob song by the way.  My mind wanders....sorry.

Lift your head.  He slips my pretty pink collar around my neck and buckles it.  A gesture that should make me feel like a dog, however, this man somehow makes it feel like he is placing my wedding band on my finger each time.  Open your mouth.  My gag.  Mmmmm.  It has holes so I can breath better.  Normally it makes my mouth dry out as I am panting and panting.  Trust me, that is no complaint, just an observation.  I lay my head back down and my body already feels like it's on fire.  Hands above your head.  He places my leather cuffs onto my wrists and clips them together behind my head.  And for the first my neck. I love predicament bondage.  If I move my hands from where he secured them I will pull at my neck collar. How fucking hot.

I feel the the long handled wooden paddle sliding against my ass and thighs.  He runs the paddle up and down, decides on the perfect spot, then rubs the paddle in circles as if to make a bulls eye.  I arch my lower back to tilt my ass in the air as an offer to this man who owns me and the beautiful ass he is about to mark.  I slow my breathing, relax, and prepare for the blow to come. Then. POP!  He gives my waiting ass a warm sting.  It makes me jump and let out a yell/moan.  I center myself again as he strokes up and down and starts his bulls eye circle again.  I arch and lift to him again.  He places these whacks all over each ass cheek.  Left then right.  Then, he seems to remember our talk on where my "sitting spots" are and how much I LOVE when it hurts to sit after he spanks me.  Right where the thigh meets the bottom of my ass.  He peppers my sitting spots. Then back to my ass- and now my thighs.  He alternates between a tap-SLAP and the circle- POP rhythm he started with.

I hear my breathing going into hyperdrive, I am spinning out of control.  My mouth is not it's usual dry when my gag is in.  I am panting uncontrollably but drool is pouring out of my mouth.  I always thought that would make me feel gross.  It does not.  It makes me feel like the hungry whore my husband deserves.  It makes me feel like my mouth is getting ready for him to fuck if he wants.  It makes me aware that I have given my body over to him in this intimate act of submission.  He hits the same spot over and over.  I am yelling through my gag and my legs jerk up, bent at the knees, to cover my ass.  I did't say you could move your legs.  Put your legs down!  I put my legs down and attempt to slow my breathing.  My eyes are wide open, hands still restrained together behind my head and to my collar (which is now pulling as I react to each blow).  I fall deeper into my surrender.  Arch my back.  Lift my ass into the air.  SLAP!  All at once I am scared.  My legs jerk up to cover my ass again and he growls Put your fucking legs down.  I have a safe-word but all I choose to say is OK..OK..OK.through my gag.  I lay my shaking legs back down.  Safe-word would stop what he is doing and I don't want him to stop.  He asks me through out if I am ok and if I want to continue, and I do.

The spanking is harder to take than I have ever experienced in our life before.  But his commands are my undoing.  It pushes me over the edge when he talks to me when we play.  My ass belongs to him, to fuck or to beat as he wants....and I love it!  My ass is on fire as I lift into him and whimper.  The pain is intense.  My emotions are intense. Time slowed and I had an hour of mind ramblings condensed into a few fleeting moments.  THIS is what I have wanted to give this man.  My ultimate submission and trust to push my limits are his alone.  This is where I had been waiting for him to take me.  I have more to give and he has more to take.  No safe-word needed.  I am not scared, I am home.

He roughly shoves two fingers into my slick cunt, pulls them out and wipes my wetness on my ass.  To this day I don't know if he just gave me a quick finger fuck for good measure or if he was checking to see if I was aroused.  I was absolutely aroused as he drove me straight to the edge.  I LOVED it!  I loved the spanking. I loved the red-spotty bruising that stayed for a few days after.  I LOVED the sting of pain I felt the remainder of that day, and in through the next, as I pulled up my pants or sat on my ass.  By far my favorite feeling in the middle of a boring day is a zap of pain from some random body part that my Man enjoyed fully the night (or day) before.  It can feel as sweet as surprise flowers.  I am his and he LOVES it!

**A few things I feel the need to add about this post.  We personally do not practice any form of DD/punishment.  Any and all spanking that occurs in our sex life is just that....part of our sex life. I have no issue with DD/punishment, it's just not for us. When I stated that I was "scared" that is the truth.  I had never been taken to such heights before.  Years back when my husband would fist me I would stop him, the sensations were just "too much".   We talked about letting him continue and take me further.  I finally opened up and didn't stop my husband as he fingered me way past an intensity I thought I could handle...I had my first squirting orgasm!  If that didn't come across in this post it is only that my writing could not match the amazing experience this was.


  1. it came across to me :D

    I luuuuurve that whimpery scared place he takes me - it's addictive!

  2. VERY addictive! When I need it...i NEED it and I can be a crab-ass when we can't play. I'm working on that =)