Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dirty talk, fantasies, wet panties and fucking.....I LOVE Christmas!

I came to bed ready.  His bed is prepared, dishes are done, towel in hand, and my shirt is off.  He is at my back and we are in a warm embrace.  The skin to skin is what my soul craves with this Man.  Without it I would shrivel into my shell.

His hands are all over my breasts.  Full hand grabbing, rubbing, and squeezing.  I love that my breasts give him so much excitement.  I can feel his cock stiffening between us.  He pinches my nipples.  My nipples are ALWAYS ready for him.  Before I even know I'm aroused, my nipples will perk up and harden.  Every time.  He is pinching deep on the base of my nipple with a strong possessive grip.  Full hand grasp on these beautiful breasts that were made for his pleasure.

He takes his place at my neck and closes in on my ear.  This Man knows how to get a girl going.  Why is my pussy covered?  I scramble for an answer.  I....uh.....  My thoughts are further scrambled when his grip moves towards the tip of my nipple.  The sensation changes to a punishing searing pain that makes my pussy swell.   And, where's your towel?  His hand moves to the spot where my bare clit should be.  Again, he uses a full possessive hand.   I brought it to bed!  My words come out as a breathless plea searching for sanity.  Slow, rhythmic, purposeful slaps land on my still covered pussy.  Ahhh... I can't stop my hips from rolling up and begging for more as he starts to rub my swollen clit.  I want you to cum in your panties...  I want you to soak them...  I want to feel your cum through your pants...  Fucking cum...  One hand works my nipple and breast while the other rubs circles on my clit and tries to push into my cunt.  In between his ownership laced commands he bites the edge of my ear.  The pain is so focused it is almost too much.  This is the pain I crave.  This is what sends me to my subbie space.   My stomach contracts, giving away the start of my orgasms.  Oh ya....fucking cum baby....cum for me.  I want you to be able to ring them out into my mouth.

At some point my pants come off.  But my lace panties stay on.  You like these panties, are they your favorite?  He is taunting me and I fucking love it.  I am his surrendered slut and if he wants to tear my favorite panties off of me, he will.  Just like he has done before. Yes sir I love these...  His hand pushes the fabric into my wet pussy as he works to milk my g-spot of all the cum I have.  You want me to fuck you don't you?!  You want a cock inside your pussy and a cock in your mouth don't you?  A girl between your legs with a strap on fucking you....YES, yes, yes.....I am answering his question and moaning the only word my orgasms will allow me to say clearly.  This Man alternates between growling dirty fantasies in my ear and nipping strong bites on my ear.  He slides the fabric to the side and sinks his fingers into my bare pussy.  I slide my hands under me as I lay on my back.  This is my offer of further submission to this Man.  I am all his and I am ready to enjoy the hard smacks, the soft licks, and the punishing bites.  He tells me to cum and I do, how lucky am I?!  His fingers are pounding into me.  Moans are escaping from deep within me.  I am his alone, nothing else exists.

He stops his finger fucking and turns almost onto his stomach.  You can cum more after you rub my shoulders and back.  He plays dirty....and that's my favorite way to play.  I am barely able to think straight.  My body is on edge and my pussy continues to contract as I attempt to get to my knees.  As I place my hands on his back, I lean in to kiss it first.  Between being on my knees, the shifting between my legs, and the smell of him as I kiss his back- my pussy clenches down in a strong sustained climax.  It takes all my breath away and my mouth is open in a silent moan against his skin.  I wait for the breath to start again as I slowly recall that I should be rubbing him.

Eventually my hands find their way to his ass.  My own orgasms have calmed down and I am intent on driving him equally insane with desire.  I slide my hand over his ass and between his cheeks.  I do my best to tease and taunt his asshole as I do as I am told and "rub his back".  He breaths out a slight moan and his hips start to rock.  I grasp the area just under his balls and rub deep.  My mind is focused on one thing only.  I want to fuck this Man like an animal.  I want his cum all over and in me.  I am feral.  I have no limits and no understanding of boundaries.  I want to devour him.

Turn around and fuck me.  He reads my mind, oh how I want to fuck him.  With that yummy command, he turns over.  His cock looks painfully hard.  I just want to fuck him until he goes soft.  I face towards his feet and straddle him as he places his hands on my ass and I am lowered onto him.  You are so wet baby.  And, I am.  He slides past my swollen tissues.  My pussy wants this invasion.  I slowly lower as deep as he can physically go into me.  He is hitting my cervix and making me gasp.  And. I. Love. It.  Every painful/pleasurable inch of it.  Stay deep on me and cum all over my dick.  I can feel the sensation deep inside me and I am sure I am wet as I type this.  I pump down onto his cock as I arch the bottom of my back then push my ass into him.  My stomach clenches down, I start to cum.  Oh baby, cum on me.  All at once I can feel the inside of my wet cunt contract down on him like a vice.  I am seeing stars.  Something has taken over my body and I can feel the possessive squeezing force it has as my pussy is grasping his cock.  I can only shake and ride out this wave of orgasms.  Turn around!  Put my dick in your mouth and eat my cum.  His words push me further into a fog of surrender while still keeping me present to what is happening.  I know this ending so well and it is one of my favorites.  The taste of me....all over him....Oh hell, we taste so good together.  I take every last drop and keep my mouth around him as I suck and lick every last bit of us off of him.

We didn't celebrate "Fist"mas as we thought we would but I do LOVE Christmas sex!!  Every day is a gift with this Man, I am so lucky.  I love my life.


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    1. Thanks Ava Grace! It was even hot as I wrote it =)

  2. I too love Christmas sex! This is hot woman! And are a lucky girl :)


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    1. Thank you! And welcome to the blog! I love when a comment brings me back to a post I had almost forgotten- thank you.
      XOXO Pearl