Friday, November 29, 2013

His Dominance makes me a better submissive.

My flowers.  Beautiful pink roses.  This Man is so good to me.  I love them!  I was made to love him and to be loved by him  Every ounce of my being- all for him.  Being loved BY him feels euphoric.  How can surprise flowers do this to me?  Maybe because I know that these are the gifts a good girl gets....a very good girl.

I walked around the couch to kneel in front of him.  That isn't a rule/request of his so much as it is what I need to do when I am near him (although I do hope he makes this a rule/request someday!).  I want him to know that I give myself to him.  My submission reinforces my need for his dominance.  When the kids are home I usually sit at his feet while he sits on the couch because I like to be close to him and I am proud for them to see that. When we are alone I sit/kneel because he owns me.  Whether he wants to prop his feet up on my lap and relax or he wants to pinch my nipples tight and pull me up high on my knees with my arms crossed above and behind my head as he tells me he is going to fuck my ass in a little while, I am surrendered to be where he wants me to be.  My choice is to give him everything he would like to take from me.  I do love when he chooses option #2 though.

My husband says I love how good you take care of me.  I look up at that strong face with that lightly growing scruff that I love to feel on my breasts and inner thighs.  I am such a good girl.  My shit eating grin must say exactly that to him.  That has to be the BEST thing a wife who wants to serve her husband could hear?  Oh babe, you are so very right.  I say MmmHmm as I rub my cheek on his hand.  A chemical combustion occurs in my body each time he acknowledges or ask me to serve him.  I imagine tiny flood gates bursting open, releasing endorphins that sweep away any negativity in my cells.  He cleanses my soul and I need the maintenance.  Oh, how I need the maintenance.  

Much later in the evening we are the only ones awake in the house.  I slide his pants down with the intent of showing him how good I can be, or how bad (whatever way he wants it).  I skim my tongue along the skin under his cock surrounding his balls.  I decide to slowly kiss up his soft shaft and lick the head as I anticipate the hardness to come.  I adore his cock- worship it in fact.  I could spend hours licking, sucking, circling, teasing, and devouring it.  And, I plan to!  It's as though he reads my mind....then reminds me that He is in charge of the decisions and how I will be pleasing him this evening.  Your goal right now is to make me come before I get hard.  All in one split second I am shocked that he knew my plan and horny a fuck that he asserted HIS plan.  Horny and wet...I will happily give this man everything he would like to take from me. It is as though the starting gun went off at the Kentucky Derby.  I suck on him like a starving slut and tug at his balls the way he loves.  I am in a race to his finish and for the first time in my life I do not relish the feeling of him getting hard.  The thickening in my mouth makes me out of control with want.  I want his cum.  He gave me a request and I want him to see how eager I am to please him.  I hear his moans, forced silent.  I love when he is enjoying himself so much he moans.  I love it even more when he tries to keep them quiet.

My heart is pounding, my mouth is pounding, and my pussy is drenched.  All at once his thighs tighten around me while his breath hitches then releases.  He is still soft/semi-hard as I taste his semen.  My mouth is full of semen.  I can normally feel it rush as it runs up the shaft, past my pressed lips and into my throat.   This was different.  No taut skin on hard cock to feel the strong spurts of cum release.  He is my husband, my Dominant husband, and I have done what he told me to do!   In this moment, his release feels as good as my own.  I am a very good girl indeed!


  1. Oh Pearl .. you are fast becoming one of my favourite writers ... WOW!

    What is it that makes us want to sit at their feet? More often than not ... I would have killed for the chance to beat able to curl up at My Batman's feet while he worked at his desk. I wanted that more than any thing.


  2. yeah the spot between BIKSS feet has my name on it :)