Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


Great time for me to give THANKS to all of you who have stopped in to give my new blog a chance!  Your comments have confirmed that I am in the right place.  When you leave a comment please let me know if you have a blog- I would love branch out my blog reading as well!  I am navigating my way a little better each day in blog world.  

Kids are out to Grandma's for a Thanksgiving sleepover.....time to turn out the lights and give my own "thanks"! 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! And if you haven't already found my blog, it's Fondlers Anonymous. Come over when you have time :)

    (also, would you consider adding a "followers" gadget on your sidebar? easier for people to follow you

    1. Can't fall back asleep....check out blog =) I had no idea about the gadgets! I need to look through this a bit more to see what else it does. Let me know if I did/didn't do the right gadget- I just added it. Thanks, Pearl